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Old Man on a Bicycle – membership site, bicycle tours, etc.

Some of you may have noticed that there is a membership button at the top of the page. This function has not been fully activated yet, but yes there will be a membership option.

Basically it is a way for me to produce a living, constantly updated book about my journey through life on my bicycle. I am also planning a paper based book, but I am not finished with my travels yet, so it may take some time before that is published.

There will be travel stories, information on bicycle touring equipment, suggestions on how to build the best touring bicycle (for you). And much more.

Private (small groups only), First Class, Bicycle tours

I am always available for providing private (first class) bicycle tours (for individuals, or small groups of  men and women over the age of 60). Tours are available in Thailand, Germany, and North America. I speak, English, German and Thai and am familiar with these areas. All bicycle tours are 100% custom prepared for you.

These are not budget tours and I can offer many interesting experiences, such as buying a custom, made for you, titanium touring bicycle in Germany. Training to teach you how to become stronger and ride faster and further.

Contact: george@dpmac.com for more information

Around the World in 70 years

Welcome to the new “OLD MAN ON A BICYCLE” website


As most of my friends and family already know, I have been living mostly on the road for the last 10 years or so, traveling not only by bicycle, but always taking my bicycle with me. In the last five years I have been traveling by bicycle in North America, South East Asia and Northern Europe. There have also been quite a few train rides, the occasional bus (only when necessary), some rides on pick-up trucks, a number of long distance air journeys, but the bicycle has most of the time been very close by.

As for the title of this post, I turned 70 in June of 2018, and traveled to my home town of Oldenburg, Germany in late 2017. It was actually the first time I have been to my home town in 60 years, but I have been traveling West for 60 years (with many back and forths and zig-zags), but finally managed to circumnavigate the globe.

My bicycle in the town of Ofenerfeld, just outside of the city of Oldenburg. My bicycle in this yard which I played in many times in my childhood. My family lived and operated a Gasthaus (a Pub, Restaurant, hotel, etc) just a short walk from this house for over 100 years, it stopped operating a while back though and only the memories are left. This house is now a museum to our old friend Heinrich Kunst, a well known stage and film actor in the Plat Deutsch (Old German) dialect of this region.

To be continued ……….. this story is not finished, this is just a place holder ….

Bicycle touring with an iPhone.

About a month ago I started to seriously look for a new handlebar mount for my iPhone. I bought one last year, but it was too heavy and clunky. A bicycle is not a car or even a motorcycle, it needs something strong, but as small and light as possible.

I already had a GoPro type of handlebar mount that I had bought in Germany last year, but I was missing the part that held the phone, either on that mount or a tripod.

After searching every phone and camera shop in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, I finally narrowed it down to a cheap four armed claw type device and a very slick small clamp with a tripod mount from Manfrotto, an Italian tripod and lighting stand company, that is familiar to all serious photographers.

The final mount that I am now using was made out of the iPhone tripod clamp from Manfrotto, a GoPro type mount adapter from Rollie (German camera manufacturer), and a well designed Velcro and plastic handlebar mount made by SP, that I also bought in Germany.

By: George Lienemann (aka George Mann Photo) – george@dpmac.com

OK, so I am an Apple fanboy again.

It has taken a while but I am finally getting caught up with some of Apple’s latest hardware and software advances. I don’t have the same access to the latest hardware as in past years but I am getting a lot closer than I have been in the last few years.

The biggest change for me is that I am finally an iPhone user. My experience with Android phones over the last 10 years or so has actually come in quite handy when I finally switched over. I have to admit that the iPhone is clearly superior to all the Android phones and systems I have been using, and not only because it communicates with my MacBook Pro better (which it does).

I am currently using an iPhone 6s Plus and it has completely changed my life. The biggest change it has made in my life is that I can confidently travel for weeks at a time and not bring my laptop computer with me.

There are of course things that the laptop does better (like writing a blog post and editing photography) but all those communications with people, banks, airlines and hotels are now pretty stable and on the iPhone they are very easy to do. There will be friends and of course strangers who will disagree with me, but I have not touched any of my Android phones and tablets since I switched over (the iPhone is just way too smooth), I am once again a full card carrying member of the Apple Cult.


iPhone 6s Plus with Manfrotto tripod adapter

South East Asia – Photography, Location & Travel Consultation

Photography, Location & Travel Consultation Services – for Photographers, Video Producers and anyone else who can benefit from my over 30 years of experience in South East Asia.

I have been working as a Commercial and Editorial photographer, based out of Bangkok, Thailand since 1978. I have worked for most of the Bangkok based International Advertising Agencies, Publishers, Hotels, Government Agencies and NGOs, at one time or another.

Due to my work and my personal photography projects, I have traveled extensively in Thailand and the rest of South East Asia and can confidently say that there are not many who know this area and it’s people as well as I do.

Occasionally I have also traveled back to the USA to work for clients in the USA. On those trips I seem to always find time for another cross country road trip, so my knowledge of the American landscape is also very current..

Consultation Services – Commercial, editorial and personal projects.

Photography – Available for commercial shoots or personal projects.

Location Scouting – I have traveled extensively in Asia and the North America, but have also spent time in Northern Europe and Australia. Spoken languages – English, German and Thai.

Travel – Scouting and planning a route, making arrangements for transport and lodging to suit your needs.

Consultation Fees – Depending on the length of time and services required. All travel related expenses must be paid in advance.

Facebook Messenger can be used for consultation if an actual face to face meeting is not possible.

Please contact George Lienemann (aka George Mann Photo) at george@dpmac.com

facebook profile – https://www.facebook.com/georgemann.photo

facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/GeorgeMannPhotography/

dpmac.com – 2017


dpmac has been around for over 10 years and hopefully will be around for another 10 years, but the bandaids that were being applied on a regular basis were just not holding anymore. So I finally decided to trash the site and start over …. please come back to check on the progress.

Using a MacBook Pro in 2017

I don’t think the people who run Apple at this point in time understand, what a MacBook Pro means to traveling power users.


What’s a poor MacBook Pro user to do?

What’s a poor MacBook Pro user to do?

My first computer purchase was a Macintosh Plus and a Laserwriter Plus, bought in early 1986. I actually wanted to buy the computer a few months earlier in late 1985, but I was told by the distributor in Singapore, to wait for the Macintosh Plus and the Laserwriter Plus to be released.

Within what now seems a very short period of time, that original Mac Plus turned into a very full and busy graphics production house and high end laser imaging service bureau, with a rotating supply of around twenty Macintoshes, of all shapes and sizes, connected to various odd monitors, projectors, and output devices.


Tour of Nikon Thailand Factory – 2004

A Tour of the Nikon Thailand Factory
Story and Photography by George Mann