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January 1, 2006

Macworld San Francisco - Digital Photography related Products and Exhibitors

As we all know by now, this Macworld will be mostly about new iPods and Intel Mac announcements. For photographers the 30GB or 60GB iPods are really a pretty good deal, but the iPod Camera Connector is really kind of lame and needs to be upgraded with a built in slot for CompactFlash cards (this will take care of the professionals) and a USB 2 cable connected multi-card reader for everyone else. I know that there are plenty of multi-card readers on the market but Apple needs to either make one, recommend one, or guarantee that they will all work (the Apple iPod Photo support page no longer exists) because there is a lot of confusion on the Apple support forum right now.

Intel Mac announcements will be a mystery and a surprise to all of us, right up to the moment they are made, and if not at the Macworld, they will more than likely come very soon. Apple has no choice but to upgrade all of it's computers this year. There is not much sense in trying to second guess Apple about exactly what and when, they know what they have to do and we will be wowed again and again in the next twelve months.

Aperture has a lot of growing up to do but don't expect Apple to admit that their Professional Photography workflow product is not ready for prime time yet. I have made the mistake of arguing with Apple employees before, they are worse than Scientologists when it comes to defending the company line. It can be pretty irritating at times but it seems to work for them.

I still believe that Aperture will be the product that it promises to be (before then end of 2006 hopefully), but I sure can't afford to experiment with it on my own dime. If Apple would like to loan me a (dual processor & dual monitor) Power Mac G5 workstation and the Aperture software package for a year, I would be more than happy to play with it every day and give them the constant feedback they need to speed up the development process. This kind of offer makes the Apple guys laugh of course, because it is much more rewarding to get the paying customers to do the product testing for them.

Anyway, I am just as excited about January 9, as the rest of us.

MacWorld Expo2006 Macworld San Francisco

Macworld Conference & Expo
January 9-13, The Moscone Center, San Francisco

January 10 - Steve Jobs to Kick Off Macworld San Francisco 2006 with Keynote Address
January 9-13 - Power Tools Conferences at Macworld Offer Two Days of Intensive Training on the Hottest Mac Topics; Featuring the first in-depth public training of Aperture for professional photographers
January 9-13 - Users Conference at Macworld Features Training on Tiger and Digital Video and Photography; New York Times Columnist David Pogue to deliver his popular ''Tiger Secrets'' session
Adobe Lightroom beta - Adobe Takes a Shot Across Apples Bow
Lowel™ Ego® Digital Imaging Light - Lowel, the Academy Award winning world leader in location lighting for film & video, introduces a revolutionary tabletop fluorescent softlight.
This looks like an incredible product and I will try to get one to review very soon.
iStockphoto.com - The fastest growing collection of royalty-free stock photography in the world.
NewerTechnology - 80 to 500GB miniStack has been named Mac mini Accessory of the Year.
WiebeTech - Portable and desktop storage solutions, introducing a 5 Terabyte Portable Raid system.
Peachpit Press - Tons of books on Macintosh and digital photography.
Hewlett Packard - Digital cameras and photographic printers.
Group Smarts MemoryMiner - threaded personal digital media album software
Very unusual new product,a digital story creator for schools and individual multimedia authors.

Watch for in-depth reviews on all the above products as more information becomes available.
Digital Photography Takes Center Stage at Macworld San Francisco
Mike Sponseller

12/12/2005 - Highlights include “Digital Photography Day”; Aperture training; Photoshop education; Adobe, Nikon and Canon exhibiting

FRAMINGHAM, MA, December 12, 2005 – IDG World Expo, the leading producer of world-class tradeshows, conferences and events for technology markets, today announced a major focus on digital photography at Macworld Conference & Expo®, taking place January 9-13, 2006 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Several new features have been added to this year’s event that will provide attendees with more education, services and product insight about digital photography – always one of the most popular topics at Macworld.

January’s Macworld will mark the first in-depth public training on Apple’s newly launched product, Aperture – the first all-in-one post-production tool for professional photographers. Taught by best-selling digital photography author, Derrick Story, this conference session is part of the Power Tools Conference and provides two full days of in-depth training on this powerful tool.

Digital Photography Exhibitors
The leading companies in the digital photography industry will be exhibiting or sponsoring at Macworld. A sample of those exhibiting companies include: Adobe, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Quark, FileMaker, Lowel-Light, HP, Epson, Filmloop, Light Crafts and B&H Photo-Video-Pro Audio.

Digital Photography Day
Sponsored by Olympus, FileMaker and Lowel-Light, this new Macworld educational feature provides attendees the opportunity to improve digital photography skills in one day under the instruction of top-notch industry photographers. Professional and novice classes will include classroom instruction; outdoor shooting; indoor lighting and shooting; downloading and critique; editing; and organizing and sharing images.

The Dr. Is In – Digital Photography Help
This new Exhibit Hall feature is a complimentary service where attendees can bring prints, camera (bring cables for download) or images on flash storage to the digital photography doctors in the Creative Corner of the Macworld Exhibit Hall and let members of the American Society of Media Photographers give pointers. The Doctors will be in all week. Open to all Exhibit Hall attendees.

Digital Photography Birds-of-a-Feather: ASMP/ SFDIG: “The Digital Camera of 2015”
The American Society of Media Photographers will host Mac industry luminary David Pogue of The New York Times, as he discusses the next decade of digital photography. You’ll hear about the screens, batteries, storage devices, and software of the next decade’s digital camera, including which current annoyances will go away and which will only get worse. Features virtual video visits from the top visionaries at Kodak, Nikon, and Canon. 1/11/06 at 6:00 p.m. Open to all Exhibit Hall attendees.

Photoshop Feature Presentation
Photoshop expert Russell Brown of Adobe will entertain and educate with an “altered” view of Photoshop, guaranteed to make you smile. Russell will take you on a wild and wacky ride through some of the key new features found in Photoshop CS. 1/13/06 at 10:00 a.m. Open to all attendees.

Photoshop Education
• Users Conference: “Photoshop Digital Creation: Uncanny Realism,” 75 minute session.
• Users Conference: “Photoshop CS2: Secrets to Levels and Curves,” 75 minute session.
• Power Tools Conference: “Professional Photoshop,” two full days of in-depth training.
• Taste of the Conference: "Photoshop CS: Essential Tips & Tricks," gives essential, time-saving techniques on Photoshop. 1/11/06 at 5:00 p.m. Open to all Exhibit Hall attendees.

Digital Photography Education
Users Conference: Learn how to use a digital camera, take better pictures and share them with friends, family and other associates with sessions on Wednesday. Thursday sessions offer tips, tricks and vision to the advanced Digital Photographer. This track includes five unique 75-minute sessions.

For more information or to register for the event, please visit www.macworldexpo.com.

About Macworld Conference & Expo
Owned and produced by Framingham Mass.-based IDG World Expo, Macworld Conference & Expo is the world's most comprehensive Macintosh OS event. Macworld Conference & Expo showcases products and services for professionals involved in media and creative content development for corporate and home applications, as well as prosumers using the Mac at home. Macworld Conference & Expo brings together the loyal base of Mac OS audiences in creative services, education, application development, entertainment, small office/home office and Internet-based environments. Macworld Conference & Expo offers professionals and prosumers alike the opportunity to discover the latest developments and hottest products these markets offer. For more information or to register for the event, please visit the Web site at www.macworldexpo.com, or call (800) 645-EXPO. For exhibiting opportunities, please contact Annie Rice at (508) 424-4839 or annie_rice@idg.com or Ron Moreau at (508) 424-4804 or ron_moreau@idg.com.

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