Kompong Klaeng, Tonle Sap, Cambodia

Kompong Klaeng,  Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia

photo © george mann

Camera: Nikon D80, lens: Nikon Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED IF AF-S DX VR Zoom

This image was taken while I was conducting one of my personal photo tours of the Angkor Temples and surrounding area of Cambodia. We are in a boat cruising what during the dry season are the streets of the fishing village of Kompong Klaeng.

The kids are as thrilled to see us as we are to see them, until the annual “tide” recedes (in another three or four months), they will probably not see any dry land and will have to make do with the confines of their house and boats like the one they are standing in.

When contacting us about a Personal Photo Tour please provide the following information.

1. For how many days would you like to hire our services? (minimum three full days in Cambodia)
You do not have to hire us for the full time that you are in Siem Reap, we don’t mind if you do but it is not required. Sorry no half day personal photo tours.

2. On what date would you like to start your personal photo tour?
Because George Mann is an essential component of our tours we can not schedule two tours on the same day. So please book as far in advance as possible.

3. How many people are in your party and which hotel are you staying at?
Our personal photo tours are designed to accomodate from 1 to 5 persons, photographers need space for their equipment. If you have a larger group we will have to negotiate another price as we will have to hire additional vehicles.

4. Do you have a trip itinerary in mind or would you like us to suggest one?
If you have never been to the Angkor Temples site before, it is pretty much a given that you will want to photograph, Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Bayon (main temple in Angkor Thom), and Ta Phrom (trees growing over and out of temple walls) first. A second day would be a boat trip through the Tonle Sap Lake floating village and a walk through a remote fishing village with all their houses on stilts (plenty of close-up people photo opportunities).

For more information – http://dpmac.com/angkor/phototour.html