Free Camera Bag

We are back in stock on our most popular rolling camera bag, the Airport International™, as well as the Airport Airstream™. And, we have just released version 2.0 of our Pro Speedbelts™, Steroid Speedbelts™, and Thin Skin Belts™.

Think Tank International v2

All Rollers Back In Stock

The Airport International V2.0 and the Airport Airstream rolling camera bags are back in stock. They are designed as carry-ons and have advanced security features, such as front and back cable locks, a TSA lock, and the Security Plate “Lost and Found” service. The Airport International accommodate a 300 2.8, 400 2.8, or 500 4 with lens hoods, multiple DSLR bodies and lenses, and other photography accessories. The Airport Airstream, designed as a carry-on for smaller commuter aircraft, accommodates up to a 400mm lens and multiple DSLRs and lenses.

Think Tank Belt

New Belts Released!

We just released redesigned and resized versions of our three belt brands, the Pro Speed Belt V2.0, the Steroid Speed Belt V2.0, and the Thin Skin Belt V2.0. With all three a Pixel Racing Harness™V2.0 can be attached and modular components can “Rotate” or “Lock” on the belt. The new “Buckle Stops” prevent the belt from loosening and yet is easy to resize.