Well it is almost December and within a few short weeks it will be 2010 so I guess it is time to update my Personal Photo Tour Services and plan for the New Year.

Kompong Klaeng kids, Siem Reap, Cambodia

George Mann – Personal Photo Tour & Photography Services

The personal photo tour business has been very poor this year (2009), I have had many requests for personal tour services and put together a number of detailed personal travel itineraries, only to be told time and again that they decided to save money and do it on their own. OK, I get it, money is tight for a lot of people at the moment, so why contact a personal photo tour service? If you are looking for a bargain, just call a budget tour company.

Some of you may want or need to travel at your own pace though, go to locations not available from tour companies, have a driver available at 4:30 AM for a sun rise shot, or wait around for the weather to change in a specific location. If that person is you, my service is available.

1. Personal photo tour advice – minimum fee – US$100 (maximum 5 questions) for personal photo tour advice.

2. Personal Photo Tours – I am willing to discuss and bargain over how many days, how many people in your group, what transport we use and anything else, but the minimum fee for my personal photo tour services is US$1,000 (plus travel & transport expenses). Anything less and I am losing money.

My personal photo tour services are available throughout South East Asia. I have a home base in Thailand and spend extended periods of time in Cambodia and Laos every year, but am willing to go as far as Nepal and Japan for photo tour services. I am also well traveled in the USA and will welcome any opportunity to take a client on a cross country road-trip on America’s incredible highways. US Highway 1 from Maine to Florida, Route 66 from coast to coast, and the Route 1 Coast Highway in California are all favorites of mine.

3. Wedding & Special Event Photography – in Siem Reap, Cambodia (or any other exotic South East Asia location) – a once in a lifetime experience – minimum fee is US$1,000 plus travel expenses.

4. Any photo assignment in South East Asia – minimum fee US$1,000 plus travel expenses, for the first day, multiple days can of course be negotiated.

Please contact george@dpmac.com if you have any questions.