Think Tank – Urban Disguise 70 Pro

Think Tank Urban Disguise 70 Pro

The Newest Urban Disguise is CAVERNOUS

For carrying two regular or pro size DSLRs with lenses attached to each camera body – or even a 70-200 f2.8 lens attached to any camera body – we have released the cavernous Urban Disguise ® 70 Pro. This is a briefcase style gear bag for traveling in style and protecting camera equipment without attracting undue attention. The interior accommodates a host of camera configurations that will enable you to keep all your gear in one secure bag. It features:

* Secret pocket — On the inside of the front pocket is a “secret” zipped pocket. It is designed to hold airline tickets, passports, and other irreplaceable items.

* Attaches to rolling bags. The Urban Disguise 70 features a slot that allows you to secure the bag to your roller. A tab on the bottom prevents it from accidentally unzipping.

* Business card slot — The back of the bag has a slot big enough to hold many business cards so you can give them away to clients and friends.

* Rear zippered pocket – Provides ready access to magazines, notebooks, plane tickets, and other essential items.

* Shoulder Harness — With Think Tank’s Shoulder Harness (sold separately) the shoulder bag converts into a backpack.

Like all of the Urban Disguise shoulder bags, this new model is designed to allow you to travel in style while protecting their valuable equipment from prying eyes. They are intentionally designed not to look like camera bags, thus allowing you to carry even your larger lenses into potentially perilous settings. They are specifically designed for Digital SLRs and for holding the bag close to the body.

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