June 1st, 2011 seems like an appropriate date to announce that dpmac has returned to American soil. I have just moved into an apartment near the University District of Seattle, the internet was hooked up this morning, and I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of my office furniture and a new Epson printer.

At the moment it is drizzling and fairly wet outside, but if you have ever been to Seattle, you probably already knew that. After being based out of South East Asia for most of the last 30 years, it is taking me a while to get used to the cold (when does the summer start around here?), but to be honest, the cold weather (Mother Nature’s version of air conditioning) is actually one of the main reasons that I have moved to this particular corner of the USA.

I still intend to visit South East Asia as often as possible (on assignments and photo tours), but I believe that my days of being a full time banana republican have come to an end. You are of course welcome to offer me a lot of money, to move back to one of those permanently hot and sticky countries (and I may even accept), but for the foreseeable future my home base will be Seattle.

As always you can contact me at : george@dpmac.com