Photojojo iPhone SLR Lens Mount

The manufacturer of this rather unique device, which actually reminds me of the Polaroid back that was available in the 1970s for Nikon film cameras, suggests that it is intended for photographers who already have expensive Nikon or Canon Digital SLR lenses. That is of course true, but I also see another much less expensive, alternative lens supply. The huge number of in-expensive, used manual focus Nikon & Canon lenses, that fill up the shelves of pawn shops and used camera stores world wide.

This could end up being a really interesting device for traveling bloggers and social networking enthusiasts who need to be in the here and now with their photography.

A few words from the distributor Photojojo:

Ever since the iPhone camera was invented, it’s aspired to be what it simply never quite could be: a DSLR. Sure, apps have helped your camera phone inch forward with simulated focusing and faux filters.

Faux no more. The iPhone SLR Mount gives you the real thing. It’ll set your phone photos apart from everyone else’s on Instagram in an unprecedented way!

This case-adapter combo lets you mount your Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lenses to your iPhone 4 giving your phone powerful depth of field and manual focus.

Telephoto, wide angle, macro, or your fixed-fifty lenses all attach to this mount giving you a full range of lenses at your iPhone lovin’ fingertips. Heck, you could even throw on a Diana adapter!

Plus, you’ll be putting the SLR lenses you already have to use with the camera you always have with you — your phone.

Two loopholes on each end of the case let you tie on a camera strap, so you can hang it around your neck just like your real DSLR.

Now that your favorite camera has it all, what’re you going to do with your DSLR?