Think Tank Photo Skin Set camera bags on the Seattle bicycle trails.

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Running around Seattle on my bicycle (a 2012 Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disk), I have to keep my camera equipment as light and accessible as possible, so I have installed a Racktime Addit rear rack and hung a couple of Jandd Grocery Bag Pannier bags from it. The Racktime Addit rear rack, is especially well suited for carrying heavy loads, because it has a second lower rail that extends further back, so you can both lower the center of gravity of a heavier load and move it further away from the back of your feet while pedaling the bike.

Before I bough the Jandd Grocery Bag Pannier bags, I first made sure that it fit my favorite camera bag (which at the moment is the Think Tank Speed Freak V2.0) and thankfully it fits perfectly. Any bag smaller than the TT Speed Freak fits too of course and if I need more equipment than what will fit in the Panniers, I use a backpacks.

This weekend I knew that I had to struggle up a lot of steep hills though, so I decided to put my equipment in some Think Tank Skin bags (which weigh practically nothing), attached them to the Pro Speed Belt, tossed them into my Grocery Bag Pannier bags and hit the road.

The combination of the open Grocery Bag Pannier bags and the Think Tank Skin set was magic and I think I will probably use them for biking around town from now on. Aside from being comfortable while walking around at a location, hanging from the padded Think Tank Pro Speed Belt, they are also very adaptable to different situations, because you only need to attach the bags that you need at that moment.

In the picture above I only have three Skin bags attached to the Pro Speed Belt, they are the Skin Strobe (for my Nikon Speedlight), the Chimp Cage (to carry a pro camera body, or a smaller body with lens) and the Skin 50 (which will hold a large standard zoom lens or two smaller lenses).


Think Tank is currently holding a Sale on Modular and Skin Sets:

The Think Tank Photo Modular Set – please use this link to access the sale for the Think Tank Photo Modular Set.

The other Modular Set components for sale individually are the Belly Dancer Harness, All the Other Stuff, Bum Bag, LARGE Lens Drop In, Lens Changer 75 Pop Down, Lens Changer 25, Lens Changer 35, Lens Changer 50, Lens Drop In, Lightning Fast, Modular Pouch, RU Thirsty, Speed Changer, Chimp Cage, Trim Changer, and Whip It Out.

The Think Tank Skin Set – Please use this link to access the sale for the Think Tank Photo Skin Set.

The other Skin Set components for sale individually are the Skin 50, Skin 75 Pop Down, Skin Chimp Cage, Skin Double Wide, and Skin Strobe.


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