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Bicycle Touring Services – 2020

Starting on January 1, 2020 – George Lienemann (the Old Man on a Bicycle) is available for Individual and Small Group – Bicycle Touring Expeditions. These Bicycle Touring Expeditions will be available in South East Asia, Northern Europe and North America.

Pilsum, North Sea Coast, Germany

All Bicycle Touring Expeditions are designed specifically for the client.

All 2019 Bicycle Touring Expeditions will run for a minimum of two weeks and be designed specifically for the client. Participants should be over 60 years old, and should know each other well. Specific locations will depend on the client, I can travel anywhere. Costs are also dependent on the client, locations, distances traveled, hotels, camp grounds, all are possible but have to be discussed with the client before a budget can be set. I am very flexible in this regard, but I already know from experience how expensive a bike tour can easily become.

Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia

PURCHASING or RENTING a Bicycle for Expeditions

Purchasing a bicycle at the Expedition location and then taking it home after the Expedition is also an option. I am very open to discussing any and all options regarding what type of bicycle you would like to use (or test). Bicycles can be rented, purchased, and if needed can be transported to various locations, by boat, bus or train. At the end of the Expedition any bicycles purchased can be shipped back to your home.

Germany produces some of the best (and most expensive) Touring Bicycles in the world. Steel, Aluminum, Titanium and Carbon are all available in various configurations and as e-bikes. Just ask and I will let you know what can be arranged.

Route 1, Calais, Maine, USA

Skills that will be learned on the Bicycle Touring Expeditions

  1. Learning to set-up and maintain your bicycle properly.
  2. Fixing a flat tire and other basic repairs, while on the road.
  3. How to travel by car, train, airplane, boat, etc.
  4. How expensive is it to travel with your bicycle?
  5. Why not just rent a bicycle in Europe or Asia?
  6. Why not just buy a bicycle in Europe or Asia?
  7. Getting your bicycle through Immigration, Luggage and Customs.
  8. Disassembly and Assembly of your bike in an airport.
  9. Riding your bike out of the airport, or taking a taxi?
  10. Safely riding down an unfamiliar road.
  11. Where to ride on the road when there is no bike-path.
  12. Where to ride on the bike path. Every country seems to have a different set of rules.
  13. Increasing and decreasing your speed with the bicycle gears and your pedaling rhythm and speed.
  14. Learning how to deal with hills, uphill and downhill.
  15. Controlling your intake and supply of water.
  16. Finding good places to eat on the road.
  17. Where is the Bathroom? In every country there is a different solution, to this very basic question.
  18. How to deal with bad weather situations, rain, heat, etc.
  19. My seat is hurting me, what am I going to do?
  20. My feet are hurting, what am I going to do?
  21. Buying the right pants, shoes, gloves, etc., before the ride.
  22. Packing your bags, attaching them on the bike and heading out on the road.
Seattle, Washington, USA

Contact for more information:

Please send me an e-mail – george@dpmac.com – and we can discuss your requirements and all options available.

You can also contact me through my facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/oldmanonabicycle/