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Computer Accessories

Intuos 2
Wacom Intuos2 Tablet

Wacom Tablets and Adobe Photoshop CS

There have been some radical improvements in the Wacom tablet technology since the last time I owned one. I am at the moment testing the intuos2 9x12 inch tablet. It is one of those wicked looking 'deep purple' things.

The overall design of the tablet, the functions, the incredibly precise and smooth pen, that strange wireless and unpowered mouse, all the new software functions. I think it could take a long time just to get to know all the functions of this device. It sure isn't the
graphics tablet of yesterday.

I tried some free-hand drawing with the tablet and Photoshop CS today and I was astounded. I think with a little bit of practice any artist can get the same feel out of this device as he gets from a pencil and paper, there is even a very nifty eraser function on
the end of the pen that allows you to erase just like you would with a real world eraser. I had not realized that Wacom tablets had changed so much.

The Wacom tablet I am using at the moment is the 9x12 inch model. At first I thought it was kind of big, with what seems like a very large border around the active area but once you get used to it, you understand why the extra real estate is necessary, it just makes it more comfortable to use. You can really lean into it just like working on a drafting table and have a place to overhang and tape your artwork for tracing.

The 9x12 area is ideal for a 17" monitor and even with the wide screen of the 17" PowerBook I never seem to run out of room. The mouse has over 1000 increments of seamless pressure and the overall responsiveness and accuracy of the tablet has to be experienced to be appreciated.

I won't go into technical details here (you can find that on the internet at www.wacom.com) but have to mention that for DSLR photographers this tablet and Photoshop CS make the job of getting rid of blemishes, unwanted bits and bobs, and those pesky CCD dust spots a breeze.

Wacom - http://www.wacom.com

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