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Pattaya to Aranyaprathet, Thailand
Pattaya bus station
The North Pattaya bus station terminal. To get to Aranyaprathet from Pattaya you have to take the Pattaya - Mukdahan bus, which will take five and a half hours to get to Aranyaprathet. The trip will take you down the coast on Sukhumvit Road through Chonburi, stopping a few times to pick up more passengers, when it reaches Ban Phakong it cuts over to Chachoengsao and then heads east towards Sakeo and Aranyaprathet.

Pattaya Bus Station
The Pattaya Mukdahan ticket window. I took the 8:30 am first class bus (for 220 Baht one way) so I would arrive in the day time and spend the night in Aranyaprathet. I figured I might as well get a good night's rest and get to the border as early as possible the next morning. There is also a 7:30 am bus but it is listed as second class (and is cheaper), not sure what that means, but I did not want to find out.

Bus Stop
I will have to look on a map to remember where we stopped but it seemed to be about half way. These people took a smoke break but I went looking for food since I did not have time for breakfast that morning.

Bus Stop Food
The chicken looked a bit greassy and not too clean so I went for the Mango, which was actually fairly good.

Aran Garden 2
I think the ride from the Aranyaprathet Bus Station to the hotel was 50 Baht. The Aran Garden Hotel 2 is 370 Baht per night, for an air-conditioned room. Non air-con rooms are around 250 Baht per night. There is also an Aran Garden Hotel, it is cheaper but also a lot sleazier.

Aran Garden 2 room
My room at the Aran Garden Hotel 2. I have no complaints, service was good and no hassles whatsoever.

Koi Jap
I had some Goi Jap here because I saw a plain clothes policeman (he had a gun) and his girlfriend eating here, so I figured it must be good. It was OK, but if you are not used to eating your tofu with pig innards, you might want to pass and go to the chinese restaurant a half a block from the hotel.

Tuk Tuk Aranyaprathet
My Tuk-Tuk and driver from the hotel to the border. The ride cost me 80 Baht and he took some quiet back roads that reminded me of my earliest vists to Aranyaprathet, over 20 years ago.

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