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Breakfast with George in Siem Reap, Cambodia
I did not note the exact price on the meals on this page, but they all fall generally between three and four dollars. If you eat very light you can have an American or European breakfast for around two dollars and with extra orders of coffee you might go as high as five dollars. My reviews are of individual meals, not the entire menu of a restaurant, so your experience may differ. Please feel free to send me a comment -

The Ivy - Siem Reap
Ivy Bar and Restaurant
across the road from the Old Market. This is one of the oldest foreign run bar, restaurant, guest house operations in Siem Reap. Very nice ambience, horrible new age music, waitresses with an attitude, and unfortunately the potatoes hiding under these eggs were so under cooked, that they were almost raw. This meal was the house special breakfast, I was extremely disappointed.

Hawaii Pizza Breakfast
Hawaii Pizza
this very basic and very comfortable restaurant is in the Wat Bo section, across the street from the Two Dragons Guest House. This is the special breakfast at the Hawaii Pizza and the potatoes were fully cooked. The toasted baguette also comes without having to ask for it and the service is very friendly and at the same time professional. Basically a great family run restaurant.
Hawaii Pizza breakfast Another great breakfast at my favorite Wat Bo area restaurant. This is a Spanish Omelett, (the peppers, onions and tomato are cooked but crisp, just the way I like them) which comes with toasted baguette and coffee (or tea) of course.

Soup Dragon
The Soup Dragon
On the corner of Pub Street, the Soup Dragon seems to be the most popular tourist restaurant and meeting point in Siem Reap. Great value, great service, great food, this place deserves the obvious success it is enoying. Eggs, bacon, sausage, grilled tomatoes, onions and mushrooms, toasted baguette, choice of fruit juice (I had cranberry), and a large pot of tea for four dollars.

Singing Tree breakfast
Singing Tree Cafe
This restaurant and yoga center has a pretty good reputation among local expats, and a really nice garden atmosphere, but I found this House Special breakfast to be kind of a disappointment. The Banana and Orange Smoothie I ordered first, actually put me in a pretty bad mood, because it was 75% water and maybe the worst Smoothie I have ever had in my entire life.

Two Dragons breakfast
Two Dragons Guesthouse
I have eaten breakfast at the Two Dragons Restaurant about three times on this trip so I obviously like it. This is just a simple cheeses omlette but it was very good and I really like the way they cook their bacon. There are three sizes of the house special Dragon Breakfasts and the Baby Dragon is equivalent to what you see here. They also make a really great lemon juice "shake".

Best of Angkor
The Best of Angkor
I found this restaurant by accident when I went to visit John McDermott's Gallery (next door) in the alley behind Pub Street. It is really quite fantastic and if it wasn't so far from where I am staying I might eat breakfast there every day.

This is a bacon and onion omelette and is the second breakfast I have had there, the first was just as great.
Best of Angkor fruit
The fruit is part of the breakfast package, as well as a pot of tea. Surprisingly this is also one of the least expensive  breakfasts I have found in town. I also appreciate the fact that the owner came out to ask me if I enjoyed the meal and if I needed more tea (I already had enough but she saw me draining the last drop from the pot)

Rosy's Guest House
Rosy Guest House
On the river, across from the Royal Gardens. Looking at the picture the breakfast looks OK, but it didn't really leave me satisfied, partialy I guess because it cost the same as the Soup dragon breakfast and it just didn't deliver that special feeling. Toasted baguettes would make a big difference and tea or coffee really should be served in a pot.

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