OK, so I am an Apple fanboy again.

It has taken a while but I am finally getting caught up with some of Apple’s latest hardware and software advances. I don’t have the same access to the latest hardware as in past years but I am getting a lot closer than I have been in the last few years.

The biggest change for me is that I am finally an iPhone user. My experience with Android phones over the last 10 years or so has actually come in quite handy when I finally switched over. I have to admit that the iPhone is clearly superior to all the Android phones and systems I have been using, and not only because it communicates with my MacBook Pro better (which it does).

I am currently using an iPhone 6s Plus and it has completely changed my life. The biggest change it has made in my life is that I can confidently travel for weeks at a time and not bring my laptop computer with me.

There are of course things that the laptop does better (like writing a blog post and editing photography) but all those communications with people, banks, airlines and hotels are now pretty stable and on the iPhone they are very easy to do. There will be friends and of course strangers who will disagree with me, but I have not touched any of my Android phones and tablets since I switched over (the iPhone is just way too smooth), I am once again a full card carrying member of the Apple Cult.


iPhone 6s Plus with Manfrotto tripod adapter