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Bags and Cases for Computers and Cameras

Bag 3
Crumpler Camera, Computer and Stuff Bags

Crumpler bags are made of the best materials available: Dupont Corudra Plus is quick drying, light weight and brushes clean easily. And it's very tough. Chicken Tex (the material used to make Crumpler) protects the bag from typhoons and other nasty weather forms.

Crumpler - http://www.crumpler.com.au/
LL Bean
LL Bean Camera Bag

LL Bean makes nice looking things that are comfortable and practical and don't attract too much attention.

LL Bean also makes Camera Vests and everything you could need for a weekend or a lifetime in the woods. If you want to quickly look like you have been an outdoors person all your life, or are competing for a spot on a Survivor show, you can't do any worse then a shopping trip to an LL Bean store, their famous catalog, or their incredible website.

LL Bean - http://www.llbean.com

PowerBook iCover
ACME MADE - PowerBook and iBook iCovers

Introducing the ALL NEW iCover II with design improvements to improve ease of sliding on and off. 1 size fits both the Titanium and the new Aluminum PowerBook 15 models.

The PowerBook and iBook iCovers are designed to protect your laptop's display from oil and dirt that is transferred from the keyboard when the machine is closed. Additionally, the wrap-around design also provides additional protection to the outer case.

ACME MADE - http://www.acmemade.com

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