I don’t like white Apple products.

Am I the only one who does not like any of the white colored Apple products? I don’t like the white MacBook, or any of it’s predecessors. I never liked them, but I did think the black models where kind of cool. I didn’t like the white iMacs, they looked kind of cool at first, but they were magnets for dirt of all kinds, especially black greasy smudges that seemed to appear on them as if by some evil magic.

I especially do not ever want to be handed a white iPhone, or god forbid a white iPad. I don’t even understand why any woman would want to own one and am immediately very suspicious of any man that lifts a white mobile device to his ear.

Please Apple design guys and gals, give us aluminum, titanium, black carbon fiber, anything industrial and cool. While I am at it, these shiny glass surfaces are cool enough, but they are impossible to keep clean, a cleaning kit with instructions should be included. Continue reading “I don’t like white Apple products.”

Better late than never, the Beatles are finally available on iTunes.

Beatles on iTunes
I don’t mention mention iPods, iPads, iPhones, or iTunes on this website very often (unless it is related to photography), but for the Beatles I will make an exception. It really is about time that the two Apples stop trying to take bites (or is that bytes?) out of each other’s smooth bottom lines and play nice.
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