Macintosh Rumors for 2016

There is not much point in writing an article on 2016 Macintosh rumors when MacRumors does it so well –

I do intend to buy a new MacBook Pro sometime this year, so I will be posting a series articles on my search for the best MacBook Pro (and best deals) for my specific use, which is traveling (and remaining connected) and photography (storing and editing high resolution files). Video storage and editing will also be playing a bigger role this year.

Oddly enough I am not really interested in buying ‘the newest’ MacBook Pro, I am more interested in buying something in the middle of the road, maybe the model that was considered ‘the newest’ in 2015. The main reason being that it usually takes at least one year of public ‘testing’ for the bugs to be ironed out and for the manufacturing cost to drop on those new components.

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2010 – The Year of the Tablet & the Cloud

Apple Tablet Computer
It is no secret at this point, that Apple is about to astound us with their version of a netbook / e-reader / tablet computer / big screen telephone / and portable video delivery system. It is also no secret that Google is interested in the same market, but rather than go it alone, Google is working with a number of hardware vendors (mainly HTC at this point), to market hardware using their Android portable operating system.

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