WWDC 2016 – Last Minute Thoughts from a MacBook Pro user.

WWDC 2016 – Last Minute Thoughts from a MacBook Pro user.

I have been quiet for quite some time because Apple Computer does not seem to care about computers (or computer users) any more. I bought my last MacBook Pro in 2011 and quite frankly I have seen no need to upgrade since then. I do upgrade my System and Applications software quite religiously, but the incremental upgrades in computer hardware have not really excited me.

I travel quite a lot so my personal computer is a MacBook Pro 13 inch. I wish it could be lighter than the computer I have, but I usually have most my ports plugged into something so the MacBook Air and MacBook versions have never appealed to me. I also spend a lot of time on bumpy roads and in hot countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, etc.) so I do not feel like taking chances (I need the 4WD version of the Mac, not the mini-compact).

I am a photographer who uses full frame cameras and processes his images on the road, so a tablet, phablet, or any kind of “personal digital device” is of no use to me (for photography). I need to be connected to at minimum 3 Terabytes of accessible storage at all times, more would be better. Hybrid drive systems pretty much guarantee a future data access disaster (I am pretty sure of that) and Cloud Storage is of no use at all in a Tropical Rain Storm (or worse).

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Macintosh Rumors for 2016

There is not much point in writing an article on 2016 Macintosh rumors when MacRumors does it so well – http://www.macrumors.com/2015/12/31/what-to-expect-from-apple-in-2016/

I do intend to buy a new MacBook Pro sometime this year, so I will be posting a series articles on my search for the best MacBook Pro (and best deals) for my specific use, which is traveling (and remaining connected) and photography (storing and editing high resolution files). Video storage and editing will also be playing a bigger role this year.

Oddly enough I am not really interested in buying ‘the newest’ MacBook Pro, I am more interested in buying something in the middle of the road, maybe the model that was considered ‘the newest’ in 2015. The main reason being that it usually takes at least one year of public ‘testing’ for the bugs to be ironed out and for the manufacturing cost to drop on those new components.

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MacBook Pro 13-inch is the ideal computer for the traveling photographer.

traveling computers fro photographer

This is my new 13-inch MacBook Pro and a 10.6-inch Samsung N220 Netbook next to it, both set-up for digital workflow use, while traveling to remote locations. As you can see in the picture above, both computers are capable of running Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (Version 3). The MacBook Pro is the newest mid-2010 version so it runs OSX 10.6 and the Netbook is running Windows 7. Continue reading “MacBook Pro 13-inch is the ideal computer for the traveling photographer.”