MacBook Pro can now be upgraded to 1-Terabyte

Just like everyone else I have been waiting for something new to report about Apple Computers (other than the iPad). In other words I am waiting for newer, faster processors in the MacBook Pro line of laptops (all the other Apple products are probably of great interest to someone, but they don’t mean much to me).

I travel constantly and I am looking to replace my very old 17-inch Mac laptop (I won’t say which model, it is too embarassing) with a 13-inch MacBook Pro (and one of those new portable external monitors from MEDL Technology, when they become available). Since I use my laptop for storing and editing photographic images I of course want as much storage as possible on my internal HDD. I also carry an external drive for image back-up but I don’t want that to be my working drive, only back-up and portable archival storage.

So we obviously don’t have our speedy new MacBook Pro’s yet, but internal storage has just reached the magic 1-Terabyte mark (at least for Mac users in the Unites States of American and Canada). I have included a press release from TechRestore below.

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Why won’t Apple give us a 12-inch MacBook Pro?

For the last three years now, Apple power users (who have to travel a lot) have been asking for a MacBook Pro version of the 12-inch PowerBook G4. Now that Apple has decided to discontinue future support of the older (pre-Intel) processors for their systems and software, it is again time to ask the question. When will there be a new power user version of a sub-notebook computer available from Apple? Traveling power users can not survive on Air alone. Continue reading “Why won’t Apple give us a 12-inch MacBook Pro?”

Apple PowerBook Duo – a split personality laptop that was also a desktop machine.

Apple Macintosh PowerBook Duo
Calling the Apple Macintosh PowerBook Duo a computer that came ahead of it’s time, is a real understatement. I didn’t ever own a Duo myself but a friend of mine had the full Duo System, the Desktop Dock, several Mini Docks, third party battery chargers, external drives, everything he could get his hands on. Continue reading “Apple PowerBook Duo – a split personality laptop that was also a desktop machine.”