Thanks for the Cheap Memories

Kingston Memory Cards

Not too long ago, a large capacity flash memory card could easily cost more than the camera it was being used in. Thankfully these days the cost of flash memory cards has fallen significantly. Thankfully, because the resolution and resultant image size of current digital camera image files, requires sizable flash memory cards to get through the average day shoot, to say nothing about an extended journey or vacation.

Most digital SLR cameras are now in the 10 plus megapixel range, which means that if you are shooting in the RAW image file format, will give you at the most 50 images per 1 Gigabyte card. Therefore it is quite common now, for even the casual shooter, to use 4 Gigabyte and even 8 Gigabyte flash memory cards.

Current Flash Memory Card Prices:

Compact Flash (CF) Memory Card Prices

Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card Prices

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