Being a MacBook Pro User – January 2017

I don’t think the people who run Apple at this point in time understand, what a MacBook Pro means to traveling power users.

We are photographers, videographers, web-site developers, you tube vlogers, writers, software developers, etc. We travel light but we need to be connected, wherever we are. We don’t always have the luxury of IT Malls and Apple Stores, and even if they are nearby, they may not have what we need to connect our latest model MacBook Pro.

I was looking forward to buying a new MacBook Pro this year, but with my working (and traveling) life style I will have to acquire the proper dongles and compatible external devices first, before I can even think about purchasing one of the new (late 2016) MacBook Pro laptops.

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Becoming a better photographer

Kompong Klaeng kids, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Wet Season in Kampong Kleang – Tonle Sap Lake – Cambodia – George Mann

Years ago you had a 35mm SLR and a bag full of lenses. Then the digital camera revolution came along and like most people you just bought a point and shoot camera. As a matter of fact you have bought quite a few of them over the years, as the technology has evolved.

Now you feel an urge to get back into enjoying photography and have finally broken down and bought an expensive digital SLR and a couple of nice lenses. The only problem is that you are not too happy with the results. In some ways your old point and shoot actually gave you better results. What should you do next? Continue reading “Becoming a better photographer”

MacBook Pro 13-inch is the ideal computer for the traveling photographer.

traveling computers fro photographer

This is my new 13-inch MacBook Pro and a 10.6-inch Samsung N220 Netbook next to it, both set-up for digital workflow use, while traveling to remote locations. As you can see in the picture above, both computers are capable of running Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (Version 3). The MacBook Pro is the newest mid-2010 version so it runs OSX 10.6 and the Netbook is running Windows 7. Continue reading “MacBook Pro 13-inch is the ideal computer for the traveling photographer.”