The Nikon Factory in Bangkok, Thailand

Nikon Factory - Bangkok, Thailand

Just a little over five years ago I joined a small group of Thai journalists on a tour of the Nikon Factory, just outside of Bangkok, Thailand. Little did Nikon realize that this story would get international coverage on the internet and give a rare glimpse of their manufacturing process to Nikon fans around the world.

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People’s Alliance for Democracy at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Hand Clappers at Suvarnabhumi
Nov. 27, 2008 – photo © George Mann – Hand clappers at Suvarnabhumi protest. Whenever the PAD want to make a point, cheer, applaud, or generally want to make noise, they use plastic hand clappers. They are their weapon of choice in this political struggle. When they were cheering a popular PAD speaker, they were “hand clapping” so enthusiastically that I felt like I was being swept away, therefore this image.

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