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Latest Joy of Tech!
Latest Joy of Tech!

George Mann's- Nikon D70 Review

Getting familiar with the D70

D70When buying a new camera it is a good idea to sit down with your new friend and spend some time getting aquainted. Put it in front of you and just look at it for awhile. Turn it around, try to remember every bump, button and knob that it presents to you. Then pick it up and feel the weight, try to find a balance when you hold it in different positions. See how your hands fit around it. Try to find the quickest way of accessing different controls.

The right hand is pretty much a done deal on this camera but many people get confused about what to do with the left hand. Most pros will reccomend that you wrap the left hand around the bottom of the lens. It will help you steady the camera and allow you to zoom the lens without having to move your hand. And always keep the neck strap around your neck (unless the camera is mounted on a tripod).

Nikon D70 Digital SLR - online review
Page 1 - Back of Camera controls
Page 2 - Top of Camera controls
Page 3 - Front of Camera controls
Page 4 - Using Compact Flash cards and making Quality and Size image settings
Page 5 - Taking pictures on full automatic with Digital Vari-Programs settings
Page 6 - Taking pictures on automatic and manual with Exposure Modes settings
Page 7 - Downloading images to the computer with Nikon View
Page 8 - Editing images with Nikon Capture Editor
Page 9 - Editing images with Adobe PhotoShop CS
Gallery 01 - JPEG BASIC - no software adjustments (flat afternoon light)
Gallery 02 - RAW on a rainy day - Elephant's Day Off (flat scene, flat light, heavy rain)
Gallery 03 - Bright Scene - Digital Vari-Programs settings (fully automatic)
Gallery 04 - Bright Scene - Exposure Modes settings (semi-automatic and manual)
Gallery 05 - Color chart and various scenes with white balance settings

Please bear with me for a short while, I am trying to find a way of doing a review that does not look like a copy of dpreview or steves-digicams. This means that the review will probably look fairly sloppy and unfocused at first, and change directions a few times. Hopefully it will find it's way fairly soon.

The unexpectedly large amount of interest in the Nikon Factory Tour article on this website has caused for some delays in getting this review out. There are some interesting new business developments that have come out of this situation and I will be making some announcements regarding these developments in a few days.

I would like to thank everyone who has linked to my website in the last week and also for all the kind emails and questions about the new Nikon D70. I promise everyone that there is a lot more to come.

January 22, 2006

One of the new developments that has come out of this situation is that I have moved back to the US. It has not been the easiest of transitions, where I used to be a relatively big fish swimming in a third world pond, I am now an unemployable baby boomer trying to find his place in an America that has changed quite a lot, since I first left it for South East Asia more than twenty years ago.

Financial backing is sorely needed for this website and a series of ebooks and digital workflow seminars, that I would like to spin from this website. If you find this short note and have the available finances and inclination to work with me on this project please contact me at george@dpmac.com, thank you.

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