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Latest Joy of Tech!
Latest Joy of Tech!

George Mann's- Nikon D70 Review

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Apple Service Center, Bangkok, Thailand
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Nikon D70 Review - page one

D70 - RAW on a rainy day - Elephant's Day Off

Camera: Nikon D70 - lens 28-200 f3.5-5.6G ED - shot at 200mm

I was going to shoot some contrasty daylight pictures at the beach today (testing all the auto settings on the camera) but it rained, so I decided to vist with my friends the elephants, knowing that they would have a day off from work. I am only posting one picture today because small images just don't do the elphant much justice and burning up all this bandwidth is costing me a fortune.

Image was shot on full automatic with camera set at RAW+JPEG. Transfered to a 17" Apple PowerBook, opened with Nikon View 6.2 (the 6.2.1 upgrade is not yet available where I am and the US version upgrade will not work with the Asia zone version of 6.2), processed in Photoshop CS and optimized for the web with ImageReady CS.

The RAW file was opened in Nikon View 6.2 and saved as a JPEG file which I then opened in PhotoShop CS, cropped (to get a bit closer in), sharpend with unsharp mask, reduced in size, sharpened again with unsharp mask, optimized in ImageReady CS and saved to file.

elephant in the rain

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