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Latest Joy of Tech!
Latest Joy of Tech!

George Mann's- Nikon D70 Review

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Nikon D70 Digital SLR camera review - Reviews Index
Taking pictures on full automatic with Digital Vari-Programs settings

mode dial flash release
Digital Vari-Programs:

1. Mode dial - The Mode dial selects the exposure modes and Digital-Variprograms of the camera.

Digital Vari-Programs -

Auto (green) - The best setting for "point-and-shoot" photography. Recommended for beginning digital SLR camera users and for situations where there is no time to check the camera's settings.

Portrait - for shooting portraits with soft backgrounds (largest aperture and highest shutter speed possible).

Landscape - for capturing details in landscape shots (small apertures and slower shutter speeds)

Close Up - useful for taking close-ups of flowers and other small objects. (small aperture for greater depth of field)

Sports - for freezing action shots (highest shutter speeds possible - higher ISO value).

Night Landscape - for taking landscape shots at night (higher ISO rating and smallest aperture possible)

Night Portrait - for shooting portraits agains dimly lit backgrounds (longer exposure, larger aperture and flash combination)

(Sorry if part of this page is still under construction - I must sleep now - a nasty nightly habit I wish I could do without)

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