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Flashes and Strobes

On camera flash systems, studio and location strobe systems

SB 80 DX
Nikon - SB80 DX Speedlight

Without light there is no photography. The SB80 DX is by far the best on camera flash I have ever used, the next generation SB800 promises to be even better.

I have fallen in love with Studio Flash systems before, but this is the first time I have fallen in love with a camera mounted flash. For me to say that this is the most essential accessory you can buy for the COOLPIX 5700 is an understatement. Let’s face it the flashes that are built into cameras (digital or film) really suck. Almost every complaint I hear from a pocket camera user has to do with the built-in flash.

olympus flash

With its professional macro flash system, Olympus opens up further creative and business areas to users of the Olympus E-System. Meeting the highest requirements for quality and flexibility, it comprises a ring flash unit, twin flash unit, adapter rings and flash controller. Ideal for advertising and still life photography plus macro work where precise, shadow-free lighting is required, these flash accessories allow every detail of the subject to be captured. 
simgma super
Sigma - Electronic Flash EF 500 DG Super

Electronic Flash EF-500 DG Super is one of several new products introduced at Photokina 2002 by Sigma Corporation of Japan (2-13-15, Iwado-Minami, Komae-shi, Tokyo).

Electronic Flash EF-500 DG SUPER is designed to work with both AF 35mm SLR and Digital SLR cameras of popular manufacturers, for advanced flash photography. It has a maximum guide number of 165 in feet or 50 in meter at 105mm focal length (ISO 100). The projection angle of the flashlight is set automatically to match the lens' focal length ranging from 28mm wide-angle to 105mm medium-telephoto. It also incorporates a built-in diffuser that expands the angle of illumination down to that of 17mm lens.

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