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George Mann Columns & Articles - 1986-2006

Bangkok Post - Database - 'Digital Media Tools'

026 - Switching from Jaguar to a Panther without getting scratched in the process
As usual I found that it is better to be late than early when it comes to installing a major upgrade in operating systems
025 - You Can Never Have a Large Enough Hard Disk Drive
No need to be concerned about the size of your internal drive there are plenty of external add-on drives on the market these days.

024 - Adobe Photoshop CS and Wacom Intuos2 Tablet
The best just keeps getting better.

023 - Creative World 2003 Report
Computers, Plotters and Printers, Hard Disk Drives, Graphics Tablets, and Pretty Girls.

022 - Thanks for the (Digital) Memories
Apple iPhoto, Nikon View and Nikon Capture - image management and editing software

021 - Nikon Pro-Sumer Digital Camera Roundup
A comparison of Nikon's three pro-sumer digital cameras, Apple and Nikon software, and some Big Memory Card solutions from SanDisk

020 - Nikon D100 DSLR User Experience
An old photographer learns some new tricks and regains his youthful passion for a profession and a hobby he had almost given up

019 - Apple iChat Video Conferencing
High Quality Internet Video Conferencing is truly here and now using a combination of Apple hardware and software combined with Telecom Asia Hi-Speed Internet.

018 - The Missing Column
I will try to find this column or write a new one, so I don't have to renumber all the pages
017 - Nikon COOLPIX 5700 Digital Camera
The question with all “pro-sumer” digital cameras is, “can they really handle a professional job?”

016 - Apple Eases Back Into the Fast Lane
The Macintosh G5 processor equipped PowerMac desktops are promising to compete with high end Intell equipped PC computers.

015 - Nikon Digital SLRs go Lower and Wider
Nikon delivers a wider image in a smaller package and lowers the prices of their professional digital SLR camera series.

014 - Doing it on the Road
Sometimes we have to pack our bags and work on the run
and in strange places
013 - 17 inch PowerBook G4 – One Month Later
Working on and living with the world’s largest laptop computer

012 - Kodak DCS-14n Professional digital SLR
The highest resolution digital SLR (35mm SLR format) camera presently available.

011 - 17-inch Apple PowerBook G4 - New Light-Heavyweight Champion
There is absolutely no competition, the 17-inch Powerbook G4 is the new undisputed leader of high performance notebook computers.

010 - Basic Editing with Final Cut Express - Part II
Adding Transitions, Effects and Titles to your Final Cut Express video project

009 - Basic Editing with Apple Final Cut Express
When it comes to more advanced non-linear video editing it pays to know the interface

008 - Final Cut Express - Advanced Video Editing for DV Camcorder Users
For those video projects where iMovie just isn't enough and Final Cut Pro is a bit too much.

007 - Becoming familiar with the iDVD 3 interface
iDVD 3 is the master control panel that allows all the iLife tools to work together

006 - Setting your Preferences : the difference between making a coffee coaster and a DVD
Before working on an iDVD 3 Project you must set several very important preferences.

005 - Upgrading to iPhoto 2, iMovie 3 and iDVD 3
The best media tools on the block have been given a major facelift
004 - Getting those old videos into your computer
If your videos are all on DV you won't need a video converter but more than likely you have VHS and Hi-8 tapes in your closet

003 - Creating a DVD slide show
If your Mac sports a DVD-R drive, you might want to create your own slide show for distant friends

002 - One reason to make the 'Switch'
If you work with digital images, iPhoto is the tool to help you manage them

001 - No excuses for not creating great digital media
Now you can have the same equipment as Hollywood moguls

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