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Kiesel Camera Bags

The perfect camera bag for carrying the new lightweight digital SLR cameras.

Kiesel DX300, DX310, DX320, & DX330

The main reason I like the new smaller and lighter weight digital SLR cameras, is because I can once again carry a complete system of two cameras, three or four lenses, a flash, and a number of accessories - without breaking my back or having to stop every five minutes to put down the heavy load. So to go along with these smaller cameras I have decided to also downsize in the favorite bag department. My personal choice for my new Nikon D40 digital SLR travel photography system is the Kiesel DX330, which is the largest of the Shoulder Style Bags from Kiesel.

For the past couple of years I have been using the Kiesel TZ500, which is the smallest of the Professional Style Camera Bags,
as my every day camera bag, but it still quite a lot larger and bulkier than the DX330. If you are not planning to carry two bodies in your camera bag though, you might consider one of the smaller sizes of the DX300 series of bags. All the Kiesel bags have the same extremely rugged construction and no-nonsense design, so you can't really go wrong.

Kiesel DX 330Kiesel DX330 Shoulder Style Camera Bag

The stylish exterior of the DX330 compliments the functionality of this bag perfectly. Whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional, the DX330 offers the capacity to hold 1 to 2 SLR cameras, 3 to 5 lenses, a flash and small accessories. All of your gear can be organized to meet your needs with the adjustable dividers, and small accessories will fit in the numerous zippered pockets and fused mesh compartments. The removable padded shoulder strap will provide you with carrying comfort, or you can use the belt loops for hands-free carrying. Made from 600D nylon and the use metal hardware, the DX330 will provide the necessary protection your gear needs.

Interior Dimensions :
  • 11.5"(W) x 5.5"(D) x 8.25"(H)
Exterior Dimensions :
  • 12.25"(W) x 8.5"(D) x 8.5"(H)

All Kiesel products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Features :
  • Durable 600D nylon outer material
  • Numerous pockets and compartments for small accessories
  • Removable, padded shoulder strap that is contoured for comfort
  • Sturdy metal hardware

Kiesel on line price : $59.99

Kiesel Camera Bags & Camera Backpacks - Shop Now!Kiesel Camera Bags & Camera Backpacks - Shop Now!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - eBook project

Economical Laptop Ready Professional Style Camera Bags

Kiesel TZ500, TZ600 & TZ700

Kiesel TZ500Kiesel Bags produces three sizes of Professional Style Camera Bags, the TZ500, TZ600 and TZ700. These bags are all constructed with durable 1200D Nylon and heavy duty hardware, made to last a lifetime. The smaller of the three professional style bags is designed to hold camera equipment exclusively but the two larger bags are both laptop ready and come with a removable padded laptop sleeve.

The TZ500 can be customized to fit 2 pro SLRs, 3-5 lenses, a hot flash and accessories. With a medium format camera, the TZ500 can be customized to fit an additional 4 lenses and accessories. Multiple dividers in the main compartment allow for for virtually any design you'd want. The zippered side pockets for additional storage. Kiesel even included a front pocket for business necessities such as a cell phone or PDA. The TZ500 also includes fused mesh pockets under the lid for accessories such as cords or CD's. Additionally, the TZ500 includes Keisel's CW800 eight pocket memory card wallet.

Kiesel TZ600The TZ600 can be customized to fit 2 pro SLRs, 4-5 lenses, a professional flash and accessories. With a medium format camera, the TZ600 can be customized to fit an additional 5-6 lenses and accessories. Aside from the features of the TZ500 the TZ600 also includes a padded laptop sleeve.

The TZ700 can be customized to fit 2 pro SLRs, 6-8 lenses, a professional flash and accessories. With a medium format camera, the TZ700 can be customized to fit an additional 6-8 lenses and accessories. In addition to the TZ600 features the TZ700 also has dual front pocket for business necessities such as a cell phone or PDA. The TZ700 also includes a removable fused mesh film pouch under the lid for film and other accessories.

The cost of the TZ500 is currently $84.99, TZ600 sells for $116.99 and the TZ700 goes for $139.99. All these bags have been heavily marked down and are an incredibly good deal, that should not be passed up by any serious digital photographer.

Kiesel Camera Bags & Camera Backpacks - Shop Now!Kiesel Camera Bags & Camera Backpacks - Shop Now!

Kiesel MX500 & MX600 - Messenger Style 17" PowerBook and Camera Bags.

Kiesel MX500OK now that I have the RX450 Backpack for travel and hiking with a 15" PowerBook and cameras, I want just as good of a bag for taking my camera equipment on location closer to home, and I want to take my 17" PowerBook along. The Kiesel MX500 and it's slightly fatter brother the MX600, are designed to accommodate the 17" PowerBook.

The MX500 and MX600 will accommodate a large laptop computer, two camera bodies and 5 or 6 lenses, plus flash and accessories. The front computer compartment unzips and drops down completely for front and top access to all your camera gear. There are also a ton of small compartments for PDA, CD's, Cords, etc.

I like the look and construction of Kiesel Bags so much, that I am thinking of using one Backpack Style Bag and one Messenger Style Bag as my only luggage for traveling (and maybe a third bag for long trips). That way I can switch my clothes and equipment from one bag to another, depending on what I am doing that day.

Exterior dimensions of the MX500 are 17"(W) x 9.75"(D) x 13"(H). Cost is $87.99 (on sale)
Exterior dimensions of the MX600 are 17"(W) x 13"(D) x 13"(H). Cost is $103.99 (on sale)

Kiesel's Professional Style Bags also come in some very large sizes and accommodate laptop computers, but I personally prefer the look of the Messenger Style Bags for a combination computer/camera bag. Smaller Messenger Style Bags  like the MX300 - $47.99 are also a really great way of carrying a DSLR and a couple of lenses without looking like you are carrying expensive DSLR equipment.

Kiesel Camera Bags & Camera Backpacks - Shop Now!Kiesel Camera Bags & Camera Backpacks - Shop Now!

Kiesel RX450 - the World's Best Combination PowerBook and Digital SLR Backpack Bag.

Kiesel RX450For a number of years now I have been using a computer backpack I got free at a Johnny Walker Golf Tournament to carry my 17" PowerBook and a separate bag for my camera equipment. To say that this arrangement is slightly inconvenient is an understatement. I have tested a few other bags over the years but for one reason or another have not come up with a good solution.

Since I am planning a trip to Asia fairly soon, I have decided to change to a 15" PowerBook (I have traveled with the 17" PowerBook before and it gets old fairly quick) and have started once again to look for a bag that will accommodate the PowerBook, a couple of DSLRs, a few extra lenses, a compact flash, and a change of underwear.

A friend recommended I take a look at Kiesel Bags and I have not only looked at them but I am from this point forward not looking back. The bag I have decided on for the PowerBook and DSLRs on this trip is the Kiesel RX450. When I first saw the bag I thought "wow this thing is big", then I lifted it and thought "wow this thing is light", I took a closer look and thought "well I will be lucky if I can get this bag for less than $200".

Well imagine my surprise when I saw that The Perfect Bag was on sale from the manufacturer for less than $100. Hard to believe but this incredible bag goes for $97.99.

Kiesel Camera Bags & Camera Backpacks - Shop Now!Kiesel Camera Bags & Camera Backpacks - Shop Now!

SPECIAL SALE NOW - on Laptop Ready Professional Style, Backpack Style, and Messenger Style Bags.

NEW - Kiesel VR300 Backpack/Hydration Camera Bag - Now Available for $119.99
Beat the Summer Heat with a backpack that carries your cameras and quenches your thirst. The bag is equipped with a 1.5L no-taste bladder and shut-off bite valve for convenient hydration while hiking or on a location shoot.
Kiesel professional bag
Kiesel Backpack bag
Kiesel Messenger Bag
Kiesel Shoulder Bag
Kiesel Canvas Bag
Kiesel Pouch Bag
SPECIAL SALE - on Kiesel Laptop Ready Professional Style, Backpack Style, and Messenger Style Bags.

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