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Flash Memory Cards & Pocket Drives

Mini 234X60


Iomega Micro Mini 128MB, Mini 512MB and Mini 1GB USB keychain drives

We have all probably owned some Iomega drives at one time or another, and many of us own one or two right now. The latest release from Iomega is the Micro Mini 128MB pocket drive. It should be appearing on computer store shelves any day now, or buy direct from Iomega using the link provided here. Very sweet and at this low price pretty hard to resist. More usefull to most of us photographers is of course the 1GB model which allows us to transport quite a good sized portfolio at all times. All three sizes make a great key chain in any case.

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Ultra II

SanDisk 1GB

Smart Media
SanDisk Ultra II 256MB CompactFlash
and standard 1.0GB CompactFlash

There is just no way to get around it, RAW files eat up a lot of digital film space, the more storage space you have on your card the longer you can shoot without stopping.

I am presently testing both a 1 Gigabyte standard SanDisk CompactFlash card and a 256 Megabyte Ultra II high-speed CompactFlash card. Since I am testing the Nikon CoolPix 5400 this week and it is very slow in processing images, I have seen no difference in using either card in this camera. (Using a high speed DSLR there is a distinct speed advantage with the more expensive Ultra II cards)

For the first time since starting these tests though, I am not "running out of film" all the time. At FINE JPEG and 5 million pixels I am getting over 400 images on the 1 Gigabyte card, and over 100 images on the  256 Megabyte card.

RAW images in the 5 and 6 million pixel range produce files approximately 10 Megabytes in size, meaning that a 1 Gigabyte CompactFlash card would give you around 100 images, enough not to constantly be worried about having enough space on the card. 

My conclusion is that if you are shooting FINE JPEG image files with a 5-6 million pixel digital camera, a 256 Megabyte CompactFlash card is large enough for most situations, but if you are shooting RAW image files with the same camera, you should consider getting a 1 Gigabyte CompactFlash card.

Sandisk - http://www.sandisk.com

Thailand Distributor - http://www.epsitplus.co.th

lexar 256 pro

Lexar 512MB CF Professional Series, Jumpshot Cable and Image Rescue Software

The jumpshot cable and USB ready card make for a very compact package in the field, and the Image Rescue software allows you to feel secure about your data files. To test the Image Rescue Software I erased a full card of RAW image files with my computer and ran the program. To my surprise the software was able to recover all the images, almost 500MB of data. I then tested the secure erase function of Image Rescue and was not able to recover even one image, the card was blank. This is the kind of software all photographers need and the newest version now available from Lexar will work with all Cards and Card Readers.

Lexar - http://www.lexar.com

Thailand Distributor - http://www.niksthailand.com

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