dpmac.com – 2017


dpmac has been around for over 10 years and hopefully will be around for another 10 years, but the bandaids that were being applied on a regular basis were just not holding anymore. So I finally decided to trash the site and start over …. please come back to check on the progress.

Using a MacBook Pro in 2017

I don’t think the people who run Apple at this point in time understand, what a MacBook Pro means to traveling power users.

We are photographers, videographers, web-site developers, you tube vlogers, writers, software developers, etc. We travel light but we need to be connected, wherever we are. We don’t always have the luxury of IT Malls and Apple Stores, and even if they are nearby, they may not have what we need to connect our latest model MacBook Pro.

I was looking forward to buying a new MacBook Pro this year, but with my working (and traveling) life style I will have to acquire the proper dongles and compatible external devices first, before I can even think about purchasing one of the new (late 2016) MacBook Pro laptops.

With all the new technology installed and old technology removed, I think that it will probably be late 2017 before I seriously start thinking about buying one anyway.

I will also have to re-think my preference for a 13-inch MacBook Pro because even with a bag full of dongles I am afraid that it just does not have enough ports to satisfy my lust for connectivity to random devices found on my travels.

To be really honest about it I also want to wait for the PC laptop accessory suppliers to start distributing USB C compatible devices. I like to change my mouse and other input devices fairly regularly because I have some (sports injury related) nerve damage in my right arm and hand. My current mouse is a very cheap (under US$10) rapoo Wired Optical PC mouse (bought in Chiang Mai, Thailand) that works perfectly (for me). My current headset is a Sony (might be a copy) with great sound and lanyard microphone that works perfectly and cost US$7 in a small electronics shop in Siem Reap, Cambodia.