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George Mann
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New eBook on Nikon Capture NX Workflow launched by George Mann and dpmac.com

George Mann - Adobe LightroomAfter a very successful start in the eBook business with George Mann - Adobe Lightroom Workflow, George Mann  and dpmac.com are continuing the George Mann - Digital Photography Workflow series with George Mann - Nikon Capture NX Workflow.

The new Nikon Capture NX Workflow eBook marks the beginning of a new concept in eBook publishing. Starting on August 1, 2006 dpmac.com will publish it's current and future eBook projects as combination down loadable eBooks and exclusive membership websites that will support the individual Digital Photography Workflow eBooks.

Nikon Capture NX - Digital Photography Workflow

Using the new U Point Technology for Image Correction - Building a better landscape, by brightening the shadows, adding more blue to the sky and making the grass a bit greener

Now I am starting to get exited by Nikon Capture NX, I mean most of us know that when it comes to NEF (Nikon RAW) files you get the best results when you process them through Nikon Capture before going to Photoshop but this is a whole new ball game. The U Point technology is really fun to play with. I have not gotten the best results possible from the image below yet, but I think you can see what is possible from the few changes I have made.

The ability to manipulate areas in an imaged in this manner really reminds me of my old darkroom days when I was dodging and burning areas on Cibachrome prints with my hands (think of shadow puppets), pieces of cardboard and a dychroic color filter enlarger. I usually worked with a variety of large and small Omega enlargers but the professional level Durst color enlargers (Labrator I think) were my favorite (just too expensive for me to ever own one). The U Point Technology is of course much more accurate right out of the box, than I ever was with a color enlarger and all my cleverly devised dodging and burning tools.

Quoddy West Lighthouse

Default image - Quoddy West Lighthouse - Nikon D200

Quoddy West Lighthouse

Shadows brightened - (five color control point areas) front left hand side wall of building, access ramp, left hand side of lighthouse, left hand side of top of lighthouse, and the deep shadow to the left of the lighthouse and lighthouse keeper's building.

Quoddy West Lighthouse

One Color Control Point for the sky - a minus setting on Brightness and an increased setting in Saturation makes for a deep blue sky. Who needs expensive and difficult to keep clean polarizers when you have this tool available? (Just joking of course, there will always be a need for actual physical filters. Not as big of a need as before but there will still be a need.)

Quoddy West Lighthouse

This one is a little peculiar but I could not resist trying it. In the middle of summer there is a nice green lawn around this lighthouse but for the rest of the year Maine is pretty cold and well as some of the locals say it "Maine has two seasons, there is the 4th of July and then there is winter".

I will have to play with this some more and see if I can come up with a realistic green lawn, but for now I just want to share one small U Point trick. I set the Color Control Point on the lawn to the left and adjusted it to my liking, then I copied that Color Control Point, pasted it back into the picture, and moved it to the lawn on the right (the second identical Color Control Point then automatically adjusted the color of the right hand lawn).

Nikon Capture NX Workflow - eBook & updates - US$ 14.99
George Mann
Nikon Capture NX Workflow - eBook & updates

Nikon CaptureThis is the second eBook in the George Mann - Digital Photography Workflow series and we are very excited about it.

Nikon has always been our camera of choice and we look forward to producing a series of eBooks on individual Nikon Digital SLR cameras in the (very) near future.

Much like our Adobe Lightroom eBook we are offering not only an eBook but a membership (for one year) in a continued learning & sharing experience.

Pleased be aware that on the release date (August 1, 2006) the eBook will still be fairly small in size but it will continue to grow every day untill all the features of Nikon Capture NX are covered in detail.

To reward pre-release purchasers we are offering a very special limited time offer for only US$ 14.99. The price will be increased as the size of the project increases, but pre-release price members will enjoy all the same privileges as full price members.
Nikon Capture NX Workflow eBook & one year of updates:

US$ 14.99

Sample Index Page

Sample Page 1
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Your website access and eBook download instructions will be emailed to you within 24 hours (after August 1, 2006).
Since we are still in the eBook construction phase (online pages are being added every day), all early subscribers to the Nikon Capture NX Workflow eBook will be given full membership (download and update) privileges through to the end of 2007.  Thank you, George
Major Features

New U Point™ technology

    • U Point™ technology is revolutionary in how it uses Control Points to help realize results envisioned in the editing process. Using NEF files for optimal performance, Control Points allow photographers to select and isolate an entire image or selected areas within the image for enhancement, without the complications required by other photo editing software. Enhancements can be instantly cancelled or added with ease, without compromising the original quality of the image, and U Point control is perfectly compatible with each NEF file’s Instruction Set.

Nikon Capture NX - Control Points

Saturation Control Point in use, notice +24 to the left of the Saturation (S) slider and in the Color Control Point dialog box next to Saturation as 24%.

    • With Color Control Points, a photographer can adjust any of up to nine different sliders for each respective area selected. In the default setting, four sliders are available to adjust size, brightness, contrast and hue, respectively. Additional settings are available by accessing each Control Point’s Settings box.

    • Other Control Points include Black and White points, both of which are convenient for setting dynamic range, Neutral Control Point to correct color casts in images even without a gray tone, and Red-Eye Reduction Control Point.

Adobe Lightroom Workflow - eBook & updates - US$ 14.99
George Mann
Adobe Lightroom Workflow - eBook & updates

George Mann - Adobe LightroomThe newest version of the eBook is ready for download - it incorporates the newest features of Adobe Lightroom Beta 3.

The Adobe Lightroom Beta eBook project is by no means finished but all subscribers to the eBook will receive free updates untill Adobe ends the Beta software program.

Current subscribers to this eBook will be notified by e-mail whenever there is a new version available for download.
Adobe Lightroom Workflow eBook & one year of updates:

US$ 14.99

Sample Index Page
Sample Page 1
Sample Page 2

Your download instructions will be emailed within 24 hours.
Please go to the top of this page to download the newest version of Adobe Lightroom (Beta 3).