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Computer and Digital Image File Storage

Iomega REV Drives

Save 35GB of data on each disk with the REVolutionary new Iomega REV Drive. Huge growth in digital content combined with regulatory compliances and email proliferation, has created the need for additional and secure digital storage. REV technology is an outstanding solution that helps to alleviate this problem.

Transfer and archive files off-site with 35GB removable REV disks
Expand the storage of your current hard drive system
Restore files and avoid downtime almost immediately with Iomega Automatic Backup Pro

Sarotech Cutie EX
Sarotech Cutie EX - Pocket Hard Disk Drive

I've been holding off on either buying or testing one of these small FireWire Drives for quite some time because until recently the storage capacity of the 2.5 inch (standard laptop) drives was just really nothing to get excited about.

But last week when I was supposed to be picking up a 3.5 inch external Sarotech FireWire Drive from the Apple Center at Pantip Plaza to test, they didn't have a 250 Gygabite drive available for me so I said, "why not let me test a small 2.5 inch drive, I have to do it some time."

They handed me a box with the Sarotech Cutie EX 2.5 inch Firewire housing kit and an 80 Gygabite 2.5 inch drive. My immediate reaction was, "80 Gygabites? That's not bad." And immediately rushed home to assemble the pieces.

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Epson P1000
Epson P1000 Photo Viewer

A slick little PDA for privileged digital photographers.

In relation to previous digital photo storgae devices this is a very slick looking and sophisticated unit. Epson has had the luxury of watching a number of companies with no experience in the consumer electronic device market make all the mistakes and is hoping to profit from them at this time. Epson is also in the unique position to build the P1000 Photo Viewer out of parts and technology largely scrounged from their own laboratories and warehouses.

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Apple iPod and Belkin iPod Media Reader

It has been awhile since I have either used or reviewed an iPod but it is a really nice device to have. In January of 2003 not too many people had seen them yet, so I purposely pulled it out and played with it everywhere I went, just to see what people's reactions where.

As a lot of you have found out since, everyone wants to try it and you have a hard time getting it back. I would imagine there have been a few "oh can I try it too?" snatch and grabs in busy places.

The only thing that has kept me from aquiring one for myself is the inability to download files from a digital camera, the single biggest use I have for portable hard disk drive. Since Belkin has come out with the iPod Media Reader, I no longer have that excuse.

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AV 380

Archos AV 300 Series

The revolution in portable entertainment has begun... Now you can enjoy your entire collection of videos, photos, music and data wherever you go.

The new ARCHOS Portable Video Recorder/Player AV300 series features a large 3.8” LCD screen.  You can record and watch up to 50 full length MPEG-4 movies, as well as view JPEG photos, on the color LCD or on a TV.  You can also play and record music as well as store data on the hard disk (20, 40, or 80 GB, depending on model). 

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Dell Jukebox
Dell 20 GB Digital Jukebox Music Player

Download, rip and carry your favorite songs with the Dell DJ 20 Digital Jukebox Music Player. At just 7.6 Oz, the pocket-sized Digital Jukebox delivers high quality, hard-drive based audio. The Dell DJ with 20 GB capacity, stores up to 4962 songs and has up to 16 hours of battery life to play them. In addition to supporting the WMA format, the multifunctional music player also plays high-fidelity MP3 audio files, serves as a digital voice recorder and provides a way to back up critical data. It features a 2-inch blue EL back-lit liquid crystal display, scroll barrel navigation and an USB 2.0 interface for PC synchronization and alternative battery charging. The device includes ear-bud headphones, carrying case and an inline remote control.

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Maxtor 1touch
Maxtor - One Touch for Macintosh
FW 400 - 250 GB Hard Disk Drive

Maxtor is of course a manufacturer of hard disk drives so there is no surprise as to what drive is inside the drive box. The version I am currently testing of this attractive aluminum housing, external hard disk drive is the 250 Gigabyte formatted for Macintosh FireWire 400 OneTouch. It has 8MB of cache and runs at 7200 RPM.

Maxtor - http://www.maxtor.com

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LaCie d2
LaCie d2
200 GB FireWire 800 & USB2 Hard Disk Drive

The version I tested was a 200 Gigabyte model with FireWire 800 and USB2 ports. This of course covers the whole range of connections you may have on your Macintosh computer, as long as you have the appropriate cable.

For me it worked perfectly with either the FireWire 800 to FireWire 800 connection, or the FireWire 800 to FireWire 400 connection. The FireWire 800 to FireWire 800 connection is of course faster.

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Ice Cube
FireWire Depot - Ice Cube
FW 800, FW 400
& USB2 Hard Disk Drive Case

This is a very sexy looking clear plastic housing that accommodates the 3.5 inch IDD drive of you choice. It is a very good choice to buy whether you are upgrading the internal drive in your desktop computer and want to make use of the old drive, or to buy the latest large drive on the market. The present limit seems to be 250 Gigabytes and the best deals are available in drives from 100 Gigabytes to 200 Gigabytes in size. The quality and speed of the drive is up to you.

The drive I have tested has three different ports. FireWire 400, FireWire 800 and USB2. This is of course the most expensive version costing in the 5,000 Baht range. Less expensive versions of the same HDD housing are available for from 2,000 Baht up. The least expensive being FireWire 400 only.

FW Depot - http://www.fwdepot.com

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