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Holiday Offers from Think Tank Photo

Think Tank Photo

Buy any Think Tank Photo Retrospective shoulder bag and get money back!

Think Tank RetrospectiveBetween now and the end of December, whenever you order any of Think Tank Photo’s Retrospective shoulder bags, you will receive up to $20 back. The Retrospective bags are inconspicuous, soft-sided shoulder bags with a simple exterior that blends into the environment. They range in size from the Retrospective 5–which carries one standard size DSLR with one to three lenses or a complete Micro Four Thirds or rangefinder camera system—to the Retrospective 30, which holds two pro size DSLRs plus three to six lenses. Click on the “Support” tab on each Retrospective product page to download your rebate form. And don’t forget, in addition to receiving the rebate check from Think Tank, you also get to select gear to receive for free with your order when you order using my special code!

Use this link for Retrospective Shoulder Bags Rebate. Continue reading


Think Tank Photo to Release Completely Redesigned Modular Rotation System

Think Tank Modular Components
Santa Rosa, Calif. — In response to customer feedback, Think Tank Photo’s has completely redesigned its Modular Rotation System to provide additional features and benefits, including easier photography gear retrieval, better equipment fit, and an updated/inclusive style. The Modular Rotation System consists of three product groupings: Lens Cases, Gear Pouches, and the Modular Component Set V2.0. The new items will be available for sale in December at www.thinktankphoto.com . Continue reading


Think Tank Photo – New Speed Convertible Camera Bag Series

Think Tank - Speed Freak V2.0
Think Tank Photo – Speed Freak V2.0

Think Tank has release the new redesigned Speed Demon™ V2.0, Speed Freak V2.0™, and Speed Racer™ V2.0 as shoulder bags in their new Speed Convertible Series. Each Speed Convertible bag features a “disappearing” belt that tucks away into the sides of the bag, significantly reducing bulkiness. Within seconds, the shoulder bags seamlessly convert into belt packs once the integrated belts are deployed. Continue reading


The Multimedia Wired Up Collection

Think Tank - Multi Media Wired Up Collection

Think Tank Photo Introduces the First Camera Bag System Dedicated Solely to Multimedia DSLR’s

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA, USA. – With the introductions of the Canon 5D Mark II and the Nikon D90, and with the line blurring between still and video/audio imaging, photographers and videographers are increasingly required to be experts in multimedia. A “Multimedia DSLR” is defined as a DSLR that has the ability to take still photos, video, and audio required to create a multimedia presentation. Continue reading


Urban Disguise – Camera Bags Designed to Disguise Photography Equipment

Think Tank Urban Disguise family
For photographers operating in urban or dangerous environments, carrying thousands of dollars worth of photo equipment can be an invitation to have their gear stolen. Given the size of most gear set-ups, it is increasingly difficult to keep from attracting unwanted attention. To aid in lessening this threat, Think Tank Photo has released a new line of shoulder bags—The Urban Disguise—in seven sizes designed to allow photographers to travel in style while still protecting their valuable equipment from prying eyes. Continue reading


Think Tank Photo Shape Shifter – expandable camera and laptop backpack

Think Tank Photo Shape ShifterThink Tank – ShapeShifter

I have just taken delivery of the Think Tank Shape Shifter backpack and I must say that I am impressed by both the design and the construction. Although the bag is primarily designed for photojournalists, I think that a lot of travel photographers (professional and amateur) will also benefit from it’s expandable design.

First Expandable Backpack

The Think Tank Photo Shape Shifter™, is the first backpack designed to expand and contract to fit DSLR equipment. By contracting down to 3 inches, the backpack keeps photographers from having to carry around a large foam box on their backs once their equipment is removed.

The Think Tank ShapeShifter is NOW AVAILABLE

• Photographers that want a lightweight solution with significantly less foam and padding than traditional photo backpacks;

• Photographers that travel a great deal by airplane and public transportation that want to carry the maximum amount of equipment in the smallest package possible;

• Photographers that want to reduce the size of the backpack after their gear is removed. (Note: some gear can remain in the front, like two strobes, and it can still be compressed to the smaller size with the zipper);

• Photographers that use modular belt systems. After they remove most of their gear and put it on their belt, they then can then collapse the backpack;

• Photographers on the run that must travel with up to 17” laptops and have the necessary accessories with them to transmit images.

Product Features

• The Shape Shifter can be compressed to 3 inches in width once equipment is removed.

• Once the majority of photo gear is removed, the bag can be collapsed and the photographer can still carry up to a 17” laptop and accessories, but in a much smaller package.

• Rear compartment for up to 17” laptops has medium padding for protection and comfort.

• Photographers can to wear their belt system, with components attached, and still support the weight of the backpack with the belt.

• The inside compartment has neoprene pouches for:
o 2 Pro DSLR bodies
o 1 70-200 2.8 with hood reversed
o 1 24-70 2.8 or similar with hood reversed
o 1 16-35 2.8 or similar with hood reversed
o Stretch pockets on the inside can also hold two strobes and other accessories

• Includes a strap system to mount either a monopod or tripod on the front the backpack.

• Padding on the back has an airflow system for breathability and comfort.

Technical Specifications

• Outer Dimensions when COLLAPSED: 20 x 12.5 x 3” ( 51 x 32 x 8 cm)
• Outer Dimensions when EXPANDED: 20 x 12.5 x 7” ( 51 x 32 x 18 cm)
• Inner Dimensions of the LAPTOP CASE compartment: 19 x 12 x 1.5” (48 x 30.5 x 4 cm)
• Inner Dimensions of the DSLR Camera compartment (Note that because there are neoprene pockets to hold the photo gear, the normal internal dimensions stated have less meaning): 19.5 x 12 x 4” (49.5 x 30.5 x 10 cm)
• Estimated Base Weight (without any straps or accessories attached: 3 lbs, 13 oz (1729 grams)

As a friend of dpmac.com, you qualify to benefit from a special dpmac/thinktank cameraclub offer. For every Think Tank bag order (over $50), you will receive a free bag. You will be given a choice of bags to choose from when you place your order.

Please use the link below when ordering your Think Tank Bag:

Think Tank Photo – Shape Shifter

Or buy Think Tank products through Amazon.com:


A really great laptop bag from Think Tank.

Think Tank - Artificial Intelligence
Like most laptop users I have tried a lot of different bags and currently own a number of different bags to carry my computers around. In particular a big problem for me has been to find a bag that really works well with the 17-inch PowerBook / MacBook laptop computer.

Well I think I have finally found the bag that will replace all my other bags and it was a complete surprise to me. My recently aquired Artificial Intelligence laptop bag came with the Think Tank Airport Acceleration legal carry on airline backpack as a removable laptop pouch. As you can see from the picture below the Artificial Intelligence slips into a pouch on the front of the Airport Acceleration backpack. Continue reading